TrimFox Abbundprogramm

TrimFox Roof                 

Prospect TrimFox Timber frame (PDF)


3000 m² Dachfläche, 80 m³ Holz

  • Any plan with a graphical input (curves as polygons).
  • Any roof forms. Eaves, ridges - both also rising or skew, hipped edges, valley edges (no rounded dormers and no cowls).
  • Purlin input possible by horizontal measure or height. Rising purlins.
  • Hipped rafters, valley rafters deburred upperside and optionally bottom side, automatic debur dedection.
  • Inclined rafters vertically or horizontally, even on other roof edges (hip, valley...)
  • Roof topview complete, or selected subareas
    (purlin plan, rafter plan).
  • Single topview, turned to the eaves.
    (Single or series print).
  • Roof cross section at arbitrary locations and arbitrary roof profiles.
  • Each beam dimensioned in top view, lateral view and cross-section. (Single or series print).
  • Automatic beam calculation. After determining of bevels all beams will be calculated by the program.


Bemaßung im Schnitt

  • Post-processing of beams, colonnades and struts entry for strutted frames and strut frames.
  • All beams with bore, halving, planing, step joint, mortise, dovetail.
  • Bevel beams arbitrarily to other beams, roof edges and walls, including two-sided.
  • Beams parting (hooklike halfing, hooked scarf joint) and join. Beams rotate or additional move.
  • Zoom - zoom function for detailed editing.
  • Supplementable wood- and sawlists: Number/Quantity/Names/Profile/Length/m²/m3.
  • Length optimisation for KVH-beams.



TrimFox Listen

  • Trimming for dormers, chimneys and skylights with complete mortising.
  • Supported beams:
    - rafter, hip rafter, valley rafter
    - valley board
    - jack rafter
    - bevel gable rafter
    - purlins, ridge purlin, dual perlin ,
    - rising purlin, rising ridge purlin
    - collar
    - pillar
    - trimmer between rafters
    - strut and brace.
  • Work in topview, lateral cut and 3D.
  • Beams fade in/out.
  • Excellent help file.
  • TrimFox 3D

    TrimFox ArCon

    • 3D interface to ArCon (Import/Export).
    • 3D interface to SketchUp (Export).
    • DXF Import / Export
    • 2D Graphic Export
    • XML-interface and CSV-Export for lists of timber and masslists.